"Hekisui En" was a building originally relocated from the back of Nyoi-ji Temple (Kansai Flower Temple), which was build in 1804. However, in November 2020, it was reopened as "HEKISUIEN" while retaining its elegance.There is also a bakery on site, offering freshly baked bread and coffee.The eat-in…

  • Shorenkan Yoshinoya

    Located in the town of Taiza in Northern Kyoto prefecture on the Kyotango Peninsula along the Sea of Japan. Enjoy meals with the freshest and finest seasonal seafood including Taiza crab (high quality brand snow crab), abalone, shrimp, sea bream, sea urchin, squid, yellowtail and more. …

  • Hotel Tango Kingdom

    A quiet hotel surrounded by greenery and located at one of the largest roadside stations in western Japan. After playing at the roadside station's park, which is about the size of eight baseball stadiums, you can enjoy a variety of  famous local foods at the restaurants. We also recommend taking a w…

  • Oyado Yakichi

    Our cozy inn feels like you are at a Japanese home in the countryside.  We are the closest inn with a natural hot spring bath to Kotohiki-hama Beach! Enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine made proudly by our chef. Also, take in the spectacular views of Kotohiki-hama Beach from the hill.

  • New Marutasou

    This inn is located directly next to Kotohiki-hama Beach, famous for its sandy beaches, and boasts a private natural hot spring bath and home-cooked meals made with plenty of local ingredients. You can find oil paintings by the proprietress displayed throughout the inn. Enjoy the taste of Tango and …

  • Hashiudosou

    This inn takes pride in its cuisine, using delicious local Tango ingredients, such as seafood caught at the nearby port of Taiza. As well as vegetables and rice grown in the naturally rich Tango Peninsula.

  • KISSUIEN Stay & Food

    The breakfast buffet, offering a wide variety of items using plenty of Kyotango local ingredients, is very popular with guests.

  • Minsyuku Wada

    An inn on the sand bar Shotenkyo between the Sea of the Japan to the north and Kumihama Bay to the south. Relax here in a land blessed with seafood.

  • Minshuku AMINO-OE

    A small, rustic inn located near the "singing" sand beach, Kotohiki-hama. We also have a natural hot spring for you to enjoy any time you like! The owner, who loves fishing, will prepare meals with select seasonal ingredients.

  • Centrale Hotel Kyotango

    This hotel stands on a hilltop in Kyotango City and features a natural hot spring called Bijin-yu (beauty spring), a green garden with a panoramic view of the city, lavender surrounding the hotel, a nostalgic oyster crab hut, and boosts cuisine with seasonal ingredients.

  • Resorpia Kumihama

    Magnificent views of the bay can be seen from each room at this hotel located on top a hill along Kumihama Bay. In addition, this cozy hotel prides itself on its pleasant service and the chef's care and attention given to making each dish.

  • Seaside Inn & Fine Dinin…

    A lone inn located right by Tateiwa (Standing Rock) the area's loved symbol and the beach on Tango Peninsula. Experience a stay that will unravel your soul with a theme based around stories about the area's sea, mountains, people and village. You will also be welcomed with seafood dishes of crab and…