Posted: May 7

Wisteria Tunnel – Hanago OKADA

Hanago OKADA (Japanese site) is a large flower garden nestled in a quiet valley in Yuhigaura. For a short time the wisteria tunnel is one of its biggest attractions.

From the start of May for about half a month, depending on the weather, the wisteria will bloom and create fronds of purple, pink, and white flowers. They gently cascade off the overhanging trellis creating a tunnel-like effect for you to lose yourself in.

The Wisteria Tunnel

The smell of the wisteria creates a pleasant effect while you are walking along. You might hear the faint buzz of bees as you’re passing through, but they are so busy with all the flowers that they probably won’t bother anyone.

This wisteria tunnel seems to go on forever as well. It follows along the edge of the hill, curving and twisting, for about 250m. There are some stunning views looking down into the rest of the park, or out across the valley. On the nearside there are lots of flowers and ornamental trees complementing and contrasting with the wisteria as you go along the path.

Outside the Tunnel

The wisteria tunnel is nice to look at from the outside too. It looks like a stream of colourful flowers against the green background of the opposite hill.

Wisteria Around the Garden

There are other wisteria trees dotted around the garden too. Sometimes by themselves or as part of a larger display.

Further into the flower garden there are some picnic tables laid out under even more wisteria. The flowers produce enough shade to keep the sun off so you can enjoy your meal without getting too hot.


At this time of year there are peonies in bloom too. These are planted by the picnic tables near the entrance. After the tulips have finished they create a lot of interest for picnickers.

Hanago OKADA is open from the first half of April to the end of June. It is closed temporarily on rainy days so please check the weather forecast before you head out.