Posted: March 11

Kyotango Cherry Blossom 2020 – Update

*Notice* Please remember if you are planning to view the cherry blossom this year to reduce the spread of the coronavirus please keep the following advice in mind. Please keep a safe distance from others, and try not to spend too long at the park so others have a chance to visit without over-crowding. Also it is best to visit a park near you to reduce travel.

Update 2020/03/30: Kyotango’s cherry blossoms are well on their way however they are not yet at full bloom. Weather Map has Kyoto’s full bloom forecast for March 30th. As such we can expect Kyotango to enter full bloom about 2 to 3 days later. Meaning the weekend of April the 4th should be good for viewing.

Update 2020/03/27: The Tennyo no Sato cherry blossom festival has been cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Update 2020/03/19: The expected first blossom and full bloom have slide back 2 days. First blossom in Kyotango can now be expected around the Sunday March 22nd, and full bloom around Monday March 30th. Please plan your picnics accordingly.

The cherry blossom festivals at Tennyono Sato and Kuragaki Sakura Park are still scheduled to go ahead on their respective days.

We will update this space as news is made available.

Previous Article

We ran an article at the end of January with predictions for the best cherry blossom viewing in Kyotango. Due to the warmer than expected winter there have been some updates.

The good people at Weather Map are currently (as of March 11th) giving Kyoto a first blossom date of March 18th, and a full bloom date of March 26th. As before, Kyotango’s blossoms are usually a few days after Kyoto, so we can expect the first blossom to be around March 20th, and full bloom around March 28th. Perfect for the weekend.


Many people pack a picnic and go to their nearest park with cherry blossoms. However, there are a couple of cherry blossom festivals being held.

In the countryside stretching between Mineyama and Kumihama, Tennyo no Sato will have a range of food stalls. They have the tentative date for their cherry blossom festival as April 12th, 2020. *This event has been cancelled.*

On the edge of town in Omiya, the Kuragaki Sakura Park has many different types of cherry trees accompanied by wild azaleas. They will be holding their cherry blossom festival on April 5th, 2020.

The cherry blossoms are very beautiful but with the coronavirus threat make sure you stay safe, and follow good practice when you are out and about.

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