Posted: June 16

“Go Local” Holiday Campaign

Get 3,000 yen per Person Off a Stay in Select Kyotango Accommodations

To help support the local holiday homes and to raise the spirits of local people affected by the Covid-19 crisis, the Kyotango City Tourism Association is starting the “Go Local” Holiday Campaign. Only eligible for residents of Kyotango, and a few of their friends, you can get a 3000 yen discount on a stay in various minshuku or ryokan in Kyotango.

Registration has begun, and bookings can be scheduled between June 25th and August 31st. Bookings are limited to the first 1000 people, so act fast. Details for how to make a booking are available at the bottom of this article.


To be eligible for the “Go Local” campaign you must be living in Kyotango. Additionally for each person living in Kyotango up to three additional people from outside Kyotango will receive the discount.

Example 1: 3 people from Kyotango will receive a combined discount of 9,000yen

Example 2: 1 person from Kyotango with 1 person from Miyazu and 1 person from Maizuru will receive a combined discount of 9,000yen


A list of available accommodations and their prices can be found at the end of this article. The discount is only applied to the first night of your stay.

How to Claim

To make a reservation please contact the Kyotango Tourism Association either by phone, fax, email or online form (Japanese Language Only). English staff are available on weekdays.

Confirmation will be sent to you, which should be presented to the hotel at check-in, along with proof of address.

Your bill will be discounted, and you need only pay the remaining balance.

Other Details

Accompanying guests are limited to residents of Kyoto Prefecture during July.

This offer is limited to the first 1000 applicants.

Combined use of the “arigatou coupon” depends on the accommodations participation.

Please complete the questionnaire at the hotel.

The “Go Local” campaign can be used multiple times, but for each stay only the first night will be discounted.

Depending on the status of the Covid-19 recovery the campaign may be suspended or stopped midway, or changes made to the available accommodations or times.

To help reduce the spread of covid-19 all guests are asked to comply with the accommodation guidelines for safe business. Including wearing a mask, and avoiding the 3-Cs.

If you or anyone in your party are showing any signs of covid-19, such as fever, coughing, weariness please refrain from participating.

List of Accommodations Available

The prices listed are for weeknight stays for a four person room. Smaller groups and weekends may result in price changes. The price may also vary depending on

Prices from 10,000 yen per person

  • Amino
    • Gorobei
    • Yakichi
    • New Marutasou
    • Suna no Yakata
    • Kaishu
    • Minori Ryokan
    • Kitsukan
    • Kobamasou
    • Japanese Auberge Matsu-tsuru
    • Shinkaisou
    • Hamanoya
    • Little White Flower
    • Hanaogi
    • Kounoya
    • Minshuku Oe
    • Katou
    • Kimoto
    • Ginkai
    • Kaninoyado
    • Ebisuya
  • Kumihama
    • Tsuruya
    • Wada
    • Rizopia Kumihama
    • Hekisuigyoen
    • Hama no Ji
    • Sugimotoya
    • Yumotokan
    • Furutaniya
    • Shotenkyo
    • Kazuko
    • Minato yuyu
  • Tango
    • Kaiunkan
    • Kikuya
    • Umedasou
    • Totoya
    • Jukaitei
    • Hashiudosou
  • Yasaka
    • Hokkori
    • Kaze-no-gakkou Kyoto
    • Hotel Tango Kingdom
  • Mineyama
    • Plaza Hotel Kissuen
  • Omiya
    • Centrale Hotel Kyotango

Prices from 15,000 yen per person

  • Amino
    • Seaside Satake
    • Koyadoishi
    • Kashoen
    • Terikichi
    • Mansukero
    • Ichiboukan
    • Kaisyu
    • YU-ZEN
  • Tango
    • Yoshinoya
  • Kumihama
    • Ryokan Suzuran

Prices from 20,000 yen per person

  • Amino
    • Fuka

Prices from 25,000 yen per person

  • Amino
    • Waraku
    • Hanare Kai

Prices from 30,000 yen – 45,000 yen per person

  • Amino
    • Ujosoan
  • Kumihama
    • Mizube no Hanare Calme

Room availability may vary depending on dates desired.

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping with your booking.

Registration has now begun. Please contact us by phone at the number below. Alternatively, the application form below can be saved and printed. Once completed please fax or email to the details below. Finally, an online form is available in Japanese at the below link.

Phone: 0772-72-6070 between 8:30 and 12:00 and 12:45 and 16:15 Monday to Friday for English speaking staff.

Fax: 0772-72-0822


Online Form (Japanese Language only):