Posted: February 5

Cherry Blossom 2021 – Kyotango

Update: March 26th – The blossoms have begun this week. This weekend (March 27-28) will be a good chance to see a reasonable bloom without too many other visitors.

Remember to maintain social distancing and keep your masks on if you are looking at the blossoms with people from outside your household. It would be good to keep visits relatively short too, maybe no picnics again this year, so that everyone can have a safe and secure viewing of this magical event.

While the blossoms are still only at about “half-bloom” next week they should hit full-bloom, so next weekend (April 3-4)will be even more magical. We’ll keep you updated with changes as they happen.

Update: February 25th – first blossom times

It’s that time of year again, when the snow is melting and we can start looking forward to, what is possibly, Japan’s most iconic event: the cherry blossoms.

As with last year we are looking at a somewhat subdued season due to the seemingly endemic status of COVID-19. So we have to recommend taking any and all precautions when viewing the cherry blossom. And as always keep your mask on, maintain social distancing, don’t stay too long, and don’t travel too far.

Where and When

Kyotango has a lot of great places to view the cherry blossoms in 2021. Check them all out in the blog post here!

So when can we expect the cherry trees to give us a gentle display of color? Expected dates tend to vary a little depending on who you ask. gives us March 21st-25th for first blossom. gives us March 20th-25th for first blossom.

The general consensus is for the end of March for first blossom, which will put the full bloom in the first week of April. Making the weekend of April 3rd-4th a likely winner for ideal times to view.

These dates are a little earlier than last year but then as its a weather forecast almost 2 months away, they are subject to change. Keep this page bookmarked and come back often, we’ll keep it updated as we learn more