Posted: June 1

Rose Garden – Hanago Okada

The blossoming of the rose garden marks the start of the final third of Hanago OKADA’s open season. Tulips marked the opening of the park, with wisteria coming next; along with an impressively long trellis to walk through. Roses come at the end, and the park closes for the year shortly after the end of the rose season. There are of course lots of other flowers that grow alongside these three, and keep the garden full of interest and variety.

There are two main sections of the park which will draw in rose lovers. One has picnic tables and benches next to it so I’ve dubbed them the picnic rose garden, and the rose garden. Both have many varieties of beautiful, fragrant roses.

Picnic Rose Garden

At the top end of the park is a small picnic area with several tables and chairs. Right next to them are several rows of rose bushes. They are sure to make your picnic a fragrant one.

Rose Garden

In the Rose Garden there are lots of little archways leading to quiet corners. Each of these has a table and a couple of chairs set up. You’ll be surrounded by lovely roses climbing over the framework. These little corners are the perfect place to enjoy a private chat in the rose perfumed air

Roses around the park

The roses however aren’t limited to a these gardens. In fact you’ll find many pleasant places to ‘stop and smell the roses’. Here are a few such examples where the displays or individual flowers caught my eye.

Even the car park gets into the spirit of rose season. In fact, the first thing you’ll notice when arriving in rose season is the rose wall.

Hanago OKADA (official page in Japanese) is a major attraction in the spring in Kyotango, and can be easily accessed from the Yuhigaura Area. It is the perfect place to bring a picnic and while away an afternoon.