Posted: December 22

Kyotango Collection Autumn 2021 Results Announcement

We are happy to announce the results of the Kyotango Collection Autumn2021 photo contest. There were two categories, the “Thank You!” prize and the “Facebook ‘Like'” prize. For each category there are 5 winners. There were a lot of great entries, but not everyone can be a winner, so please enjoy the results of our summer contest.

Thank You ! Prize

The winners of the “Thank You!” prize are determined randomly at the tourism association, the only restriction is you can only win once per season. Here are the 5 winners in no particular order.

Dare mo Inai Aki no Umi no Yuhi to Buranko – The Lonely Autumn Sunset Over the Sea and a Swing by Kimamanatabibito

The swing at Yuhigaura Beach is a popular photo-spot in summer. But in the autumn as the beach goers leave it can look a bit lonely, standing watch of the gorgeous sunsets.

Bunarin ni Idakarete – Embraced by the Beech Forest by chosan

Autumn is a great time to visit the beech forest, the daytime heat is gone, and the leaves are turning all sorts of beautiful colours.

Kanro no Yuhi – Sunset in the Early Winter Dew by Moriaki

The clouds settling down over Kyotango in the autumn make fore some truly dramatic sunsets. And on a calm day you get to see the sun gloriously reflected in the sea.

Daidaiiro – Orange by Yumimon

Sandwiched between the sea and the clouds the sun looks like a squashed peach. The gentle pink in the distance gives way abruptly to a bold fiery orange in this dramatic sunset picture.

Atatakasa ga Nokoru Umi – The Sea Holding on to the Warmth by Zero Sen

The sea in autumn still holds onto a little of its warmth from the summer, making it great for a bit of light paddling. The waves in autumn are too big for swimming but they are popular with local surfers.

Facebook ‘Like’ Prize

All of the photos we received were put into an album on our facebook page. We asked everyone to give a ‘like’ to the photos they liked the best and the 5 photos with the most likes were the winners. As there was a tie for 1st and a four-way tie for 5th there were 8 winners this Autumn. Each of the winners will receive Kyotango specialty goods worth 3,000 yen.

Ten kara Chijo e Furisosogu Mirukiiwei – From Heaven to Earth the Milky Way Pouring Down by makko618

The Milky Way is so bright in the night sky over Kyotango it is genuinly moving. Here it is pictured over the big slide of Chuo ga Oka Park.

Asamoya no Naka de – In the Morning Mist by Nikkun

This atmospheric picture captures the mist that forms almost daily by the large temperature change between night and day that take place in Kumihama Bay.

Asahi ni Mukatte – Towards the Sun by Hayato

Dolphins can be a little difficult to spot around Kyotango. But if you’re patient enough you can catch a glimpse of one off the coast at Cape Kyoga.

Iero Kapetto o Hashiru – Running Across a Yellow Carpet by Katchaman

The yellow leaves of the ginkgo tree make a stunning yellow carpet. Especially in the Hippara Pass where the giant ginkgo tree is by the railway.

Okiniiri no Sanbashi – My Favourite Pier by Bisan Cameraman

The heightened contrast on the broken down pier makes it stand out against the shimmering water and crystal clear sky above Kumihama Bay

Kureyuku Natsu – Summer Waning by niko

At the end of summer the clouds get heavier and the waves get rougher as autumn approaches. The shadowy reflection is the symbolic of this change.

Himawari no Yuyake – Sunflower Sunset by ryo._.san

At the start of autumn when the sunflowers are blooming their colours match perfectly the sky lit up by the setting sun.

Kabutoyama – Mt. Kabuto by Shinraku

Cosmos flowers mean autumn has arrived in Japan. Here is a lovely spray next to the rest area across the bay from Mt. Kabuto

Autumn Collection Slideshow part 1

Here is part 1 of our Summer Collection Slideshow complete with original music composed especially for the occasion.

Big Thanks to all Contributors

We had a lot of interest in the Autumn photo contest and are very happy with the results. We received a wide range of shots from around Kyotango including lots of night shots and sunsets, but also a lot of flowers and pictures showing off the misty mornings in Kyotango.