Posted: August 24

Direct Train – Kinosaki Amanohashidate

Some of the sights in Kinosaki, Amanohashidate and Yuhigaura

If you are looking for a speedy way to get to see some of the sights in the Kyoto by the Sea area this summer you might want to ride the “Kinosaki Amanohashidate Direct Train”.

Running from August 22nd to September 27th the direct train makes stops at Toyooka station, Kumihama station, and Yuhigaura Kitsu-Onsen station. It only runs on weekends and national holidays (September 21st & 22nd this year).

It runs once per day in each direction. The Amanohashidate bound train stops at Kumihama and the Kinosaki bound train stops at Yuhigaura. But each location has a variety of goods and services for sale at a discount rate when you present your ticket.

Train Times

  • Departing from: Kinosaki Onsen 09:52
  • Arriving: Toyooka 10:02
  • Departing: Toyooka 10:07
  • Arriving: Kumihama 10:23
  • Departing: Kumihama 10:26
  • Arriving: Amanohashidate 11:18
  • Departing from: Amanohashidate 13:42
  • Arriving: Yuhigaura Kitsu-Onsen 14:29
  • Departing: Yuhigaura Kitsu-Onsen 14:29
  • Arriving: Toyooka 15:03
  • Departing: Toyooka 15:12
  • Arriving: Kinosaki 15:22

Kyotango Discounts

Which ever direction you are traveling in these discounts are available in the Yuhigaura and Kumihama area.

Sotoyu Hanayumi

  • Entrance fee: 700 yen => 500 yen

Rental Cycle

  • Fukumatsu Cafe: Rental fee: 500 yen => 250 yen
  • Kyotango 135 EAST: Rental fee: 1000 yen => 500yen
  • Kumihama Tourist Information: Rental fee: 400 yen => 200 yen

Souvenir Shop Present

SUP Activity Discount

  • Kyotango 135 EAST: 500 yen off “Stand Up Paddle” activity if you arrive by rental cycle

Yuhigaura Original Cocktail – Magic Hour

  • Available from Kani Ichiban, Japanese Confectionary Ann and Fukumatsu Cafe and other take-out shops at a discount: 500 yen =>350 yen


  • 10% discount on fruit picking at participating orchards
  • Get a ”Fruits Trail” pin badge from participating shops

There are also discounts available at Amanohashidate and Kinosaki.