Posted: May 19

Come See the Best Sunsets in Japan

Japan is known as the land of the rising sun, but it’s also got some of the best sunsets in the world too. Kyotango is especially well known for stunning , visitors will be treated to some great sunsets when they visit.

Kyotango has a long and varied coastline. Which means there are numerous bays and inlets, harbors and beaches to watch the sunset from. Each spot has different features which will make it special. Some of them may only be visible for a small window, so make the most of it. We’ve picked out some of the best spots to enjoy the sunset in Kyotango.

(Some of) The Best Sunsets in Kyotango


Yuhigaura literally means ‘Sunset Inlet’ so we understand if you have high expectations, and you won’t be disappointed. This resort town is on the northern part of the 8km ‘Long Beach’, the longest beach in the Kansai region.

The main part of the beach is called Hamazume beach and there is a lot to do there so you can enjoy the sunset in many ways here. You can enjoy it while sitting in the hot spring, relaxing on the beach, or even from above the water with a sunset SUP activity.

Asamogawa Fishing Port

This rather unassuming fishing port is home to the Urashima Legend. And the rock where Urashima met the turtle features heavily in framing this sunset. For a few days each year the sun sets directly between the island and the headland. You can see the sunset from the far side of the harbor, next to the Urashimako Shrine.

Sodeshi Rice Terraces

These rice terraces command a stunning view over the sea of Japan make a fantastic view any time of year. But in the spring the flooded rice paddies reflect the oranges and purples from the sky. It’s a truly magical sight to behold.

Tateiwa Rock

An important part of the geopark Tateiwa rock also makes a stunning setting for a sunset picture. Whether you’re viewing it from the beach or from the nearby Onaru burial mounds it is a sight to behold.

Tango Matsushima (Sunrise)

This one is a bit of a cheat as it’s actually a sunrise, but we hope you’ll agree the Tango Matsushima Islands are beautiful enough to belong on this list. While you’d have to get out of bed pretty early to see this, the sun rising up over the pine tree islands is a feast for the eyes.

At the End of Busy Day

Gazing at the incredible sunsets in Kyotango are the perfect way to cap-off a busy day of sightseeing. There are so many beautiful spots to see it from so there are no wrong answers.