Posted: June 23

Kyotango Collection Spring 2021 Results Announcement

We are happy to announce the results of the Kyotango Collection Spring 2021 photo contest. There were two categories, the “Thank You!” prize and the “Facebook “Like” prize. For each category there are 5 winners.

Thank You! Prize

These photos were randomly selected from all of the submissions we received. These 5 winners all will receive a gift voucher worth 20,000 yen which can be used at participating hotels, ryokan, and minshuku-inns.

Yasuragi no Hikari – The Light of Tranquility by Daisuke

This photo was taken on March 8th at the historic Inaba House and captures a scene of perfect tranquility. The pink curtain gently diffuses the light creating a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy the flowers placed in front. The simple wooden floor and plain shoji (paper sliding doors) means there are few distractions to enjoying this calm setting.

Tango de no Seikatsu 6 – Life in Tango 6 by Monki D Lufi

This photo was taken on April 10th at the Kyotango Yume Baseball Field. Watching the cherry blossoms in spring is a popular way for people to pass the time in Kyotango, and Japan at large. The central location of the Yume Baseball Field in Kyotango makes it a natural place for people who want to see the blossoms to come, making this photo a regular scene in local people’s lives.

Hoshizora no Tateiwa – Tateiwa Rock in the Starry Sky by mini mini

Taken on April 11th in Tango, this picture shows Tateiwa Rock surrounded by a vast night sky. It’s easy to forget how beautiful the night sky can be, especially in the cities where the stars are harder to see, but this picture helps remind us of the simple joy of gazing at the night sky and wondering about the possibilities that are out there. Also the shooting star is nice.

Aoisora to Aoiumi to Shiroikumo – Blue Sky and Blue Sea and White Clouds By Mokomi

Taken at Hatchohama Beach on May 12th, this picture really captures spring as a transitional month in Kyotango. At first glance the photo appears to be perfectly calm scene. However, the white clouds still have some weight in them suggesting winter’s storminess, and the waves breaking near the beach give a hint of the tempestuous winter sea. This photo really shows the change from the dramatic and intimidating winter sea to the calm and inviting summer sea.

Mae ni Narae!! – Line up!! by Sugiyama Naoyuki

Taken on April 26th at Fudeshi the title references the almost militaristically straight line that the rocks of Byobuiwa Rock form. The ‘lead’ rock resembles a folding screen (a byobu) and the other smaller rocks stick out of the water along the same, nearly straight fault line.

Facebook “Like” Prize

All of the photos we received were put into an album on our facebook page. We asked everyone to give a ‘like’ to the photos they liked the best and the 5 photos with the most likes were the winners. Each of the winners will receive Kyotango specialty goods worth 3,000 yen.

Here are the 5 winning photos, presented from least to most likes.

5. Kyogamisaki Todai – Kyogamisaki Lighthouse by shashinjapan (21 likes)

Taken on April 20th this photo captures the sun just above the horizon, as seen from the majestic Kyogamisaki Lighthouse. The lighting at this intensity and angle allows us to see the inner workings of the light better than usual, a rare glimpse into the complex design of the first order Fresnel Lens.

4. Haru no Kumihama Wan – Spring in Kumihama Bay by chosan (26 likes)

This photo was taken on April 10th from the Higashiyama Park in Kumihama, and it captures interest in both the background and the foreground. In the distance the blue of sky is reflected almost perfectly in the bay, and they can be contrasted with the green of Mt. Kabutoyama and the other hills in the distance. The photo also captures the bright pink of the three-leaved azaleas, which are in bloom during the spring.

3. Odayakana Asa – The Calm Morning by Bisan Kameraman (27 likes)

Taken on March 4th overlooking Kumihama Bay, this picture conveys a real sense of calm from the still water. Reflected in the water is the glow of the rising sun which gives a sense of excitement about what’s to come ahead.

2. Hamadaikon no Saku Oka – Wild Radish Blossoming on a Hill by Makko618 (28 likes)

This picture was taken on April 17th and overlooks Tateiwa. It captures the delicate, small flowers of the wild radish which blossom for a short time in spring at seaside locations. The sky is particularly dynamic in this picture, with the bright fiery colours of the sunset contrasted with the dark blues and grays of the approaching night.

1. Haru no Umi – The Sea in Spring by Tobiwatari (33 likes)

The winning photo was taken on March 4th in Mitsu in Amino. At this time of year local people gather wakame (a type of seaweed) and dry them in the sun. What Tobiwatari has captured here is a connection to an ancient tradition important for the nutrition and livelihoods of local people.

Video Compilation

We are also in the process of putting slideshow videos together for each month’s submissions, complete with an original piece of music composed for the spring collection. Please enjoy our March compilation below.

Big Thanks to all Contributors

We had a lot of interest in the Spring photo contest and are very happy with the results. They show a range of scenes and subjects from around Kyotango, ranging from swimming beaches, to geological structures, from the everyday beauty of a flower park, to an ancient cultural connection.